Hochosterwitz & St.Veit

Hochosterwitz & St.Veit

Old St. Veit town is middle age capital of Carinthia. The Castle Hochosterwitz was built to defend the approaches to the town. It’s an impregnable fortress, that survived many sieges and was never taken by enemy.

The winery in Burg Taggenbrunn is located nearby and offer an excellent selection of quality wine.

This tour includes a walk through the old city center of St. Veit, a climb through the many gates of the Hochosterwitz fortress and wine tasting in the Burg Taggenbrunn winery. If you find walk to the top of Hochosterwitz as too strenuous, it’s possible to take an elevator.    

We recommend light clothing, that doesn’t restrict movement and comfortable footwear. The walk up doesn’t require athletics.

The duration of the tour is 6 hours. You can chose to dine in the St. Veit old city center or in the restaurant of the winery.

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